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April 6, 2023

BGR EXPORT is a company that is part of the conglomerate GROUP, BGR, companies with a long track record and experience in the production, exploitation and export of shrimp to the local and international level.

Swimming pools and shrimp processing plants are based in the island of Puna, located on the coast of Ecuador, this product is known for its size, texture, delicious taste and high quality. It is grown in aquaculture farms using sustainable techniques and environmentally friendly, ensuring that a product is fresh and healthy.

Our company engaged in the export of shrimp is certified Global GAP, which means that our production processes meet international standards of good agricultural practices and aquaculture. We focus on ensuring the quality and safety of our product, as well as in sustainability and social responsibility of our operations.

We use techniques of production that are sustainable and respectful of the environment, which allows us to produce high quality shrimp and comply with the requirements of the international markets more challenging. We make sure that our production processes are efficient, safe and ethical, from the care of the ponds, to the selection, packaging and transportation of the shrimp.

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